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08 . 05 . 19


Since entering my mid-twenties there are two things I have come to realise:

1. Wrinkles are definitely a thing

2. Mum was right

  There’s no denying that mum’s are good naggers. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one whose mum was constantly nagging them about the things they “wished they’d known” when they were our age. 

Despite a few eye rolls at the time, I’ve come to learn that mums' nagging throughout my teenage years – “junk food ruins your skin you know?” was actually pretty decent beauty advice.

In honour of Mother’s Day I thought I would share with you my top beauty tips inspired by the things my mum used to nag me about the most!

Although I pretty much didn’t listen to any of them at the time… I sure do now! So, thanks mum!


It’s past your bedtime

Beauty sleep is actually a thing.

During sleep, your body repairs and recovers itself. Whilst you snooze your skin produces collagen, a protein which works to plump and smooth the skin.

Sleeping on an anti-ageing silk pillow case is an amazing way to take care of your skin all night long. They won’t absorb your expensive night-time skin routine and they also create less friction, meaning they protect you from wrinkles.


Stop picking at your skin

    Not only does picking your skin spread bacteria, it slows down healing time and leaves you running the risk of permanent scarring!

And tbh, why pick it when you can just dry it out?  


You are what you eat  

If you didn’t hear the words “eat your veggies” when you were a kid, did you even have a childhood?

Anti-oxidant rich greens are proven to improve skin clarity and radiance.

Adding a greens powder to your smoothie each day is a great way to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients you need to keep that skin of yours glowing!


Have you got sunscreen on?

PSA: anti-ageing starts with sunscreen.

Forget your retinoids, your expensive night cream and your next appointment with Dr. Botox, because sunscreen is hands down the #1 anti-wrinkle, anti-dark spot, anti-sagging product you can use.

Gone are the days where sunscreens were thick, greasy and completely unbendable. Find one that's shine-free, light weight and moisturising and you'll never forget to apply again. 


Don’t forget your neck!  

She’s an easily forgotten spot, as we spend pretty much all of our time paying attention to our face but your neck is not somewhere to be skipping when it comes to moisturiser and sunscreen.

Just like the skin on your face, your neck is one of the areas where the first signs of ageing begin to appear. Next time you’re in front of the mirror, blend that skincare and SPF a little further down. Future you will love you for it.  

Stop plucking your eyebrows!  

To put it simply, just leave it to the professionals. There really is only one rule when it comes to brows and that is: the more volume the better!