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What is your stance on flip flops?

I brought up the big ‘thong’ debate to the girls in our office and we were divided on whether flip flops are ever okay to wear in public… Is it obvious that we’re all from Melbourne CBD?

Personally, I think thongs are a practical essential in every beach gals’ wardrobe. However, if you’re a city stroller like me, I think the classic rubber thong needs to be revamped.

Nakedvice has a new design for the modern day woman which will make you team flip flops for life.

I can understand your reservations if your team nay flip flops… I know what you’re thinking, you’re still not over the days where a platform rubber thong was a thing. I’m still struggling to get over it too… I just think we all need to mentally erase this fashion catastrophe and hope that they never resurface again.

But come on… Platform flip flops aside, thongs are totally comfortable, practical and CAN be cute. I’ve noticed influencers across the globe are adopting this Australian trend and are proving that flip flops are back, and they’re here to stay. See below for some style inspiration on how to wear our favourite summer slide!

Have I sold it to you yet? Shop The Amy by Nakedvice and jump on the flip flop band wagon. You’ll thank us later!

Words by Emily Short