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12 . 02 . 19


Ok, I have a confession to make.. I'm a minor hoarder. I'm the type of hoarder that insists on keeping a pair of jeans from 2012 just incase I dramatically lose 5kg and acid wash jeans become a thing again... Do ya feel me?

They say the first step to getting better is by admitting that you have a problem. I knew shit was bad when I found fluorescent pink tracksuit pants from when I was 13 at the bottom of my drawer. I told myself it's a new year, and with a new year comes a new wardrobe. I put my cleaning gloves on and got down and dirty in my drobe.

Here are my tips on how to build the perfect wardrobe:

1. First things first, do yourself a favour and watch the new series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix. This is LIFE CHANGING stuff. Slightly OTT, Marie Kondo has a strict method to her madness... If it doesn't "spark joy" then get rid of it. Although my ugg boots do spark minor joy around the house in winter, I had to be brutal... In the bin they went. You'll feel so much better after you declutter. 

2. Now that you've well and truly culled, it's time to organise what survived from your declutter rampage. I recommend having your clothes organised in categories for convenience when getting ready. 

3. Time to get popping! Take photos of your old pieces that you no longer need and sell your products on Depop. It's easy and will help you gain a few extra pennies for the next step!

4. Out with the old, in with the new. Now that you've got it all laid out it might become clear that you're missing some essential pieces. This is probably the best part of the 'new wardrobe' phase because you can finally buy new essentials. Pat yourself on the back for getting this far girl. Get yourself a glass of red wine and treat yourself to an online shop. But don't go wild with it... The key to a good wardrobe is remembering that less is more.

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