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24 . 04 . 20


Come for the fashion retrospective, stay for the Netflix recommendations

During our time in isolation the Nakedvice team have turned to a few of our Netflix favourites for comfort and distraction throughout these unsettling times. These are the kinds of films that you can watch on repeat while falling in love with the characters all over again. I know that for me personally, there are onscreen moments which I’ll never forget (for both the fashion and that warm, fuzzy feeling they provide). 

short strap bag, mini bag

 Although some of our beloved characters would be considered flawed nowadays (Carrie Bradshaw I’m looking at you), and some plot points are a little dated, the thing that has stood the test of time in our favourite films throughout the decades is of course, the fashion.  

Don’t believe me? Keep reading to see the items we would still wear today! 

1. The White Satin Clutch 

How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days 

white clutch, pouch

Kate Hudson’s character nailed the business chic look and when it came to accessories, she had it covered. Throughout the film, Andie Anderson is spotted wearing work totes, laptop bags and pouches ranging from Marc Jacobs to Yves Saint Laurent, however it was the cream satin Tod’s clutch which accompanied that dress that had us in awe. 

2. The Satin Mini Bag

13 Going on 30

short strap satin bag

Proving that everything that was once old becomes new again, in this film we see trends like pyjama dressing, vintage bustiers and the rise of butterfly clips (which all feel very relevant today). We see Jenna Rink wear everything from a short strap satin bag to oversized Louis Vuitton totes and the timeless Fendi Baguette. 

3. The Baguette Bag

 Sex And The City
fendi baguette bag

Despite what the name suggests, it’s not necessarily the sex or the city that captivates viewers. It's the fashion and the friendship which makes this series so loved across generations of women. The short strap bag might be considered a very current trend, but when it comes to vintage, ‘90s handbags, the Fendi Baguette or the Dior Saddle Bag are the first to come to mind. There’s no denying that Carrie Bradshaw is the unofficial face of both Manolo Blahnik and Fendi and since SATC first aired, the Baguette Bag remains as Fendi’s best selling purse. If you ask me, the Italian fashion house has Carrie Bradshaw to thank for defining the most popular silhouette of the era. 

4. The Mini Bag 

gold chain strap bag

While being a little clueless when it comes to love and matchmaking, Cher is anything but when it comes to styling herself and her protégés (read: friends). This film evokes peak ‘90s nostalgia while sporting some of the best looks of the decade, complete with a gold chain strap bag fit for nothing but her cellphone and a leather mini bag, which certainly wouldn’t have held a single textbook. If Cher was around in a 2020 setting, I bet you she’d be spotted in the coveted Jacquemus Le Chiquito — the ‘it’ micro bag which provides little purpose but a lot of praise.  

5. 90's Short Strap Bag 

Notting Hill

vintage tote bag

I'm convinced that this film is where Bella Hadid’s stylist, Mimi Cuttrell, gets all of her style inspiration from as I look through the film’s wardrobe archives. Anna Scott’s tiny sunglasses, slim fit leather blazers, strappy mules and woollen berets comprise an outfit which I’d choose to emulate today — complete with a Dior Tote Bag much like the Medium BV Jodie Shoulder Bag by Bottega Veneta and other ‘90s tote bags that have made a resurgence.

 Reflecting on our favourite feel-good movies and leading ladies who starred in them has proved the sentiment that although trends may come and go, strong accessories endure the test of time. So, if you're ever in need of a good investment piece which will remain stylish for years to come, look no further than the trusted handbag.