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“You have to listen to this podcast”, is a comment that is thrown around more often than not in the Nakedvice office. Gone are the days of boring car rides to and from work. We find ourselves getting excited for our daily commute with the help of some super thought provoking and soul feeding podcasts. Compiled below are what the team are diving in to. Happy listening!





ABC podcast about true crime, really well narrated. 



The Mentor with Mark Bouris 

This was the first entrepreneurial I started listening too, Mark Bouris is super down to earth and really digs into the challenges and struggles of running your own business. 



Glow Journal by Gemma Watts

Awesome listen to find out about all the beauty products you love. 



Can you go past Casefile? I think not. 





Seize the Yay by Sarah Holloway 

So relatable and easy to listen to… Is it weird I feel like I know Sarah? 




Next Generation Innovators Podcast 

Super inspiring and innovative. Hence the name! 



Plant Proof

This podcast is so insightful. Each episode is jam packed with information that leaves so much food for thought. 






After Work Drinks

My favourite is called After Work Drinks. Hosted by two best friends & magazine editors who catch up on the week that was over a glass of wine. It’s super casual and loosely structured which I like as it reminds me of my own conversations with friends. It’s all pop culture related and they cover topics ranging from the US Mid Term elections to The Bachelor and predictions as to what dress Hailey Beiber wore to her wedding. There’s always good book and article recommendations peppered throughout as they are journalists by trade. 


Unravel: SnowBall 

I’ve also started listening to Unravel: SnowBall which was originally a recommendation by my Mum but it has merit! This one is produced by the ABC and I’d recommend this to anyone who liked Who The Hell is Hamish
The true story follows and dissects what happened to a young Kiwi man who falls in love with a Californian con-artist who swindles $1.5 million from his and his family. He’s left not only heartbroken but completely broke, so his brother takes it upon himself to investigate the fraudulent ex-wife who has a history of seducing men and stealing their money. 





How I Built This

The unique journey behind some of the most established companies.



Offline by Alison Rice

 Honest conversations talking about life behind the social media facade.







Shameless Podcast

A podcast for smart women who like dumbs stuff - my favourite way to get my weekly pop culture fix.