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06 . 12 . 18


If you were to take a ride in the passenger seat of my car you would usually be welcomed with my favourite Spotify playlist. However as of late (in a very 2018 plot twist) I have been turning my music down and turning podcasts up.

I’ve shifted from knowing every single word to every single Ariana Grande song... EVER... To being able to name Australia’s top 10 criminals (appreciation for Australian True Crime podcast for their EXTREMELY addictive channel).

I’m saying “thankyou… next” to Ariana on the radio and reaching for my phone to turn on the latest podcast that I'm addicted to.  

I’ve listened to a bunch of podcasts and they have been treating my ears through all of my commutes to work and my (attempted) workouts, and I’m really digging it!

Whether you’re new to podcasts or not, I’ve collected a list of series that you NEED to listen to right now.

Lady Start Up - "Join Rachel Corbett as she sits down with female entrepreneurs to discover how they built their businesses from the ground up."

Shameless - "The celebrity and pop-culture podcast for smart women who secretly love dumb stuff."

Plant Proof Podcast - "Your one stop shop for information on plant-based nutrition." 

Lady Land - "Listen to ambitious, successful and inspiring entrepreneurial women talk about what it takes to become an overnight success."

Better for It - "Join Katie Williams as she chats to real people who initiate change and influence the world around them."

The Teachers Pet - "An investigative piece that dives deep into the cold case disappearance of northern beaches mother and wife, Lyn Dawson."

Offline - "A series of honest conversations with the women behind some of Australia’s most-popular Instagram accounts."

The Cut on Tuesdays - "A series that brings you women’s voices on culture, style, sex, politics, and people."

I’m still new to this trend though… I’d love to hear from YOU! If you have a podcast channel that you can’t stop listening to, send it through. It’s 2018.. Book clubs are quickly becoming Podcast Clubs, so join ours! Xx  

Words by Emily Short