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01 . 05 . 20


The late Diana, Duchess of Wales, truly was the people’s princess. She was modern, relatable, unafraid and charitable. When it came to her wardrobe choices, Princess Di often defied royal tradition and although her legacy extends far beyond fashion, she’d be considered one of the greatest style icons of her time. She personified old-school, British charm and elegance in a way that remains forever unrivalled. If you’re feeling a little nostalgic, please join us as we revisit some of her most timeless looks (and key wardrobe staples) below: 

1. Bike Shorts

Before we had the Jenners and Baldwins of the world sporting the athleisure trend, The Duchess of Wales looked comfortable and chic pairing bike shorts with chunky sneakers and a big tote. Reminding us that Princesses must need to fit in workouts between errands too!

Oversized sweater

2. Vintage Sweater

The oversized sweater is the key element to the classic 'off-duty' look. Despite two decades having passed, this outfit feels very contemporary and relatable (not including the Hermes bag in hand!)

Hermes bag, oversized sweater, vintage sweatshirt

3. Cowboy Boots
There's something about cowboy boots that makes them so current and versatile.
Why do we love them? They can be worn anywhere from a music festival, a cattle ranch, or even the Royal Windsor Polo Cup as Princess Di proves!
cowboy boots, baseball cap, blazer
4. Fitted Blazer
The fitted blazer is a trusted staple in any woman's wardrobe. Whether it be worn to work or out to drinks, a slim fitting blazer will remain forever timeless and appropriate to any dress code. Styled with a kitten heel and a vintage leather tote, Diana makes a corporate ensemble undeniably chic.
fitted blazer, kitten heel


These days the word icon is overused and often undeserved, but when it comes to Princess Diana, there is no word better fitting. The late Duchess of Wales was an icon in every sense — and unapologetic when it came to challenging protocol, showing emotion, demonstrating activism or the way she dressed. Among plenty of other things, we have her to thank for the endless vintage outfit inspiration.