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The Return of the Short Strap Shoulder Bag

There is a new trend on the streets and at first I was admittedly NOT an advocate. However in a record breaking turn of events I’m officially leading the protest to bring back this #fashurn look for good. 

Let me elaborate further for you… The look I’m referring to comes from the oh-so-iconic noughties period. It was the time that Britt and Justin were just becoming a thing and Gwen Stefani released her hit Hollaback Girl (which became every girls anthem in the shower). Despite all the good that came from the early 2000’s (e.g. The Lizzie Mcguire movie), there is no denying that the era gave us some of the most catastrophic fashion trends to date. I’m still struggling to comprehend that a flared jean with a denim skirt over the top was EVER a thing.

When I think of the 2000’s I envision a DARK period where Paris Hilton would sport a fluorescent pink tracksuit with a #killer mini side bag and #fire shades. It was a look that I NEVER thought would re-surface. However in a very 2018-plot-twist, the short strap side bag has become a thing. At first I was screaming OH HELL NO, but now I’m shouting YES, YES… BLOODY HELL YES.

Who sold it to me? Queen B of course! Bella Hadid can do no wrong in my book, so when I saw her reinvent the mini side bag I was jumping on board quicker than Kim K’s 72 day marriage. If you aren’t sold on the trend, let ME sell it to you! 

Do I need to say more? They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and what I’m getting from this picture is that this look is a VIBE! You can shop our very own short strap shoulder bag here. Wear it with bike shorts and a blazer for an everyday #girlboss vibe, or pop it on with your LBD and feel like a Queen.

 So ladies, I’m pleased to announce that the short strap side bag is officially BACK! Paris Hilton circa 2004 would have one thing to say about it… “That’s hot.”

Words by Emily Short.