Drop The Hammer! With These Fashion Tips You Won’t Need To Smash Poor Piggy.

Clothes are becoming a luxury nowadays and with celebrities to look up to, there’s no wonder we end up spending all our cash on trying to look fabulous. But it really doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some great tips that will help make your dollar work for you without worrying about what you’re going to wear tomorrow! Follow our go to Instagram accounts to get those creative styling juices going and save those pennies.

Amazing for showing us how to work with items we already have! Not to mention that face! 

We advise you to open your wardrobe right now (well, just as soon as you’re done reading and sharing this with all your friends) and take a look, deep inside, for any clothes and shoes you’ve simply abandoned. Have a look at them with fresh eyes. Ask yourself, could you see yourself in them again? Could you repurpose them? You may be surprised at your answer…

Sara Donaldson shows us how quality pieces last and still look o so good all those years later.

Everyone wants quality. But not everyone can afford quality clothing. A vast number of people end up going to less-than-savoury clothing shops so that they can buy a whole lot more for less. Sounds clever and frugal, but is it really? Here is what some see as logic: one quality leather jacket and one quality pair of jeans vs. five t-shirts, a synthetically-produced jacket and a jersey — this logic sounds as if the latter is giving you more. But is it really?

Leather lasts and lasts…we’re talking years here. And it’s something that’s stood the test of time, from fad to fad. Leather is here to stay. It’s durable, long-lasting and can pretty much go with anything. This is placing quality over quantity because we promise you that the shopper who bought the bunch of synthetic clothing will be back next season. In contrast, you, the cleverer shopper, will be enjoying a glass of wine somewhere with a healthier bank account.

Literally not one outfit Maja has worn has ever dated. Been stalking this one for years.

Stick to the classics because these timeless styles are just that, timeless. Fads come and go. They aren’t here to stay and will most likely be tossed come the first summer’s day.

Classics also put you a step above the rest and will highlight your sense of fashion. Remember that longevity is what you’re looking for. It’s the quality of the piece that counts. That’s why you should do a little shopping around first and try to find the right boutique that offers great products at reasonable prices, which is now becoming an important option for young women who want to look chic, with all the accessories and high-quality material, without having to spend a fortune every season.

This babe shows us how to re work one item more ways than one. We are screen shotting Josefine on the daily.

Purchase items and accessories that are versatile. For example, select a high-heel with the right amount of height that will get you in the office and to the bar after work, or the classy restaurant for your first date.

Having a wardrobe with versatility in mind will help you make faster decisions and enable you to chop and change your wardrobe without being forced to purchase more and more clothes.

O Bella. Our Style Queen. Nothing like confidence and a smile to own whatever you are wearing.

When it comes to fashion, perhaps the best advice is to “own it”. By this we mean, whatever you truly like or whatever you feel most comfortable wearing, choose to wear it and own it. Walk with confidence. Having an air of confidence in anything you wear adds value to the outfit regardless of its price tag.

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