Functional Fashion, our two favourite ‘F’ words when it comes to styling a new trend. A bandana is so versatile and can be worn as a necktie, headpiece or tied to the handle of your favourite Nakedvice bag just to name a few! It is an affordable and bold accessory that can improve your look without the need to over spend.


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Throughout this past AW16 season it seems everywhere you look there is a celebrity, fashion blogger or passer buyer walking the streets wearing a leather jacket.

It goes without saying that a leather jacket is a timeless piece that can be paired with nearly any outfit and is a must have in your wardrobe.

A modern twist to add onto your statement piece is the recent trend of print detailing and personal customisation. These brand or personal slogans are a great way to stand out from the rest and create some serious fashion envy.

We now offer the opportunity to customise our Crew Leather Jacket with a bit of Nakedvice loving.


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Out of this world style has been recently appearing all over our social media platforms from international catwalks to local street style.

Star and moon embroidered detailing on eye-catching pieces that will add a point of difference and character to any outfit.

This design or trend has been the inspiration behind our Spring-Summer collection “Starcrossed” which will be arriving in stores in October.

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We’ve probably all heard it countless times, and most of us have grown up to realize it was true all along – “Mum really does know what’s best!”

According to Mum’s across the globe, the baby ba
y/diaper bag is one of the most important accessories you’ll need – this bag goes EVERYWHERE you go. It makes sense that as a vital accessory, it’s important that the bag not only fits your style and personality, but also has the functionality that works best for your needs.

Arguably, one of the biggest things to consider when looking for the perfect baby bag is STORAGE! It needs to have enough room to carry everything you need to bring, but in a way that delivers exceptional organization. See, it’s not just baby stuff that goes in this bag – for most Mums these baby bags replace their handbags before they give birth! This bag is packed and ready days or weeks before the big day. The main focus is being organized and ready for the arrival of the newest addition, so when the moment arrives everyone can relax and enjoy that oh so precious time with your newborn.

After your bundle of joy has arrived, purse/wallet, keys, phones, sunglasses and much more will need room alongside wipes, changing pads, extra clothes, toys, bottles…. You get the picture! Our Mums who have “been there, done that” say that it’s crucial you also have easy access to all of these items as it makes errands with your baby much simpler.

So – along with storage and organization, the bag needs to be easy to use. Choose a bag that has simple closures (like zippers or magnets), and can open wide enough for you to easily see and access the contents.

Remember – bigger is not always better. When you’re out running errands for the day, lugging shopping around, getting in and out of the car more than you can count, you don’t want a huge bag that’s heavy to start with, and gets heavier as the day progresses!

So what kinds of bags are Mums finding that tick all the boxes and look good too? Forums across the internet and Mums groups worldwide are raving about their designer baby bags, and for good reason. Because the final consideration Mums make when choosing their baby bag, is quality. It may seem expensive for a bag, but it’s important to remember it’s an investment – this bag will serve so many purposes and go through some rough situations, it’s important that no matter how intense your day is, your bag holds up to the task. Broken straps and fixtures or closures can cause more drama than you could ever anticipate! Choosing a bag that’s made from genuine, quality materials (and is easy to clean) is imperative. A huge percentage of these Mums are saying their designer baby bags look just like a normal handbag, and long after their baby days have passed, these bags are still by their side.

With all this in mind, Nakedvice has set out to deliver designer baby bags that are sleek, sophisticated and highly practical. Mums deserve the best; they deserve their accessories to look great and be reliable and functional. So if you’re in the market for a superb designer baby bag that comes loaded with many essential accessories (such as baby mat, washable lining, and bottle holder) and has the “Mums stamp of approval” – you should definitely check out our Loader Baby Bag!



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