Nakedvice: Define: 

Naked: expressed openly; undisguised

Vice: an indulgent characteristic or behavior that you can’t live without.

A label that was founded on the friendship of two women, together their concept was to create a balance between timeless and affordable leather accessories for the modern day woman. Drawing inspiration from their personal wardrobes, Sarah Hanan and Jessie Herbert seek to create enduring pieces for their peers that derive from their strong understanding of the empowering women of today.

With an undisguised aesthetic and longevity in mind, the pairs mission is to create your vice that you can’t live without. Our pieces will accompany you on all of your adventures for years to come. Along the way we will share our tips and tricks and hope this inspires you to try them yourself. As trends come and go, Nakedvice will not.

Created by us, inspired by you, and made for all… Come join our tribe. You’ll feel better naked.

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