Our Design Process

Drawing inspiration from their favourite era, Jessie and Sarah are forever influenced by the ‘90s. Each time they design, they begin by finding a moment in that era that inspires their upcoming collection – whether it’s an editorial, an image of Kate Moss or the Calvin Klein runway show of 1994.

Every single Nakedvice piece is the result of many months of trend forecasting, drawing, collaborating and sampling. Sourced from all corners of the world, our design team hand-pick every single piece of leather and hardware that go into the making of a Nakedvice piece.

Nakedvice partner with two family-owned suppliers in China and it is their knowledge and craftsmanship that help us in bringing our designs to life. Our design team travel to China several times a year to work one-on-one with our manufacturing team and ensure that they are operating in safe and fair working conditions.