What are you into right now: gold, silver or rose gold?

The team here at Nakedvice are all about GOLD. Whether it is a short chain or long full body necklace, we absolutely love love love it!

This gold trend has been our inspiration for an update on our best selling side bag, The Tame.

The delicateness and simplicity of a fine gold chain is huge at the moment and is not showing any signs of fading away into last seasons jewellery box just yet.

Paired together, these two accessories will become your go to look for Spring Summer.

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Functional Fashion, our two favourite ‘F’ words when it comes to styling a new trend. A bandana is so versatile and can be worn as a necktie, headpiece or tied to the handle of your favourite Nakedvice bag just to name a few! It is an affordable and bold accessory that can improve your look without the need to over spend.


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Throughout this past AW16 season it seems everywhere you look there is a celebrity, fashion blogger or passer buyer walking the streets wearing a leather jacket.

It goes without saying that a leather jacket is a timeless piece that can be paired with nearly any outfit and is a must have in your wardrobe.

A modern twist to add onto your statement piece is the recent trend of print detailing and personal customisation. These brand or personal slogans are a great way to stand out from the rest and create some serious fashion envy.

We now offer the opportunity to customise our Crew Leather Jacket with a bit of Nakedvice loving.


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Out of this world style has been recently appearing all over our social media platforms from international catwalks to local street style.

Star and moon embroidered detailing on eye-catching pieces that will add a point of difference and character to any outfit.

This design or trend has been the inspiration behind our Spring-Summer collection “Starcrossed” which will be arriving in stores in October.

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Nakedvice featured on Modern Legacy


The fashion industry is ruthless – but that’s no secret! For some, fashion is a form of art/self-expression, while for others it’s almost like a religion. For most people though, fashion is a method of utilizing clothing, accessories and grooming to either show/hide, enhance/minimize something about themselves. With critics, bloggers and fashion enthusiasts keeping a sharp eye on the changes and evolution of fashion, it’s crucial for any fashion label that these people not only recognize but approve of and promote the fashion you’re bringing to the market. This is why the team here at Nakedvice was pretty excited to have come under the scrutiny of Kaity Modern, an Australian fashion blogger who’s kind of a big deal, and passed with flying colours!

Described by the Moustache Magazine as having a “keen eye for clean, minimalist lines and a damn good sense of style”, Kaity recently collaborated with B C The Label for their March 2015 drop – delivering a capsule collection that’s fabulous! – and has featured on The Urban List and Collective Hub among others; each interview shedding a little more light on the reasons we love fashion bloggers like Kaity!

Nakedvice featured

Kaity Modern featured our very own edgy, but sexy bag “The Stella” and belt “The Compass” from our ‘Fundamental Collection’, stating; “Their (Nakedvice) focus on quality materials, clean finishes and fine detailing is fundamental to the concept of affordable luxury – giving the pieces that unique edge that elevates their look beyond their actual price point.” She went on to demonstrate how “paired with clean lines and minimal statement pieces (as per her outfit shown in pictures) you will be sure to have a winning combination”.

Nakedvice featured

If it wasn’t exciting enough to have a blogger like Kaity fall in love with our products, we’re very pleased to have been recognized for what is perhaps our biggest motivating factor – delivering stylish, sexy and sophisticated fashion at affordable prices! We all deserve to look our best, and Nakedvice is committed to bringing quality, luxury items to the market without the ridiculous price tags attached. Browse our exciting range today and find your MUST HAVE fashion piece!

Nakedvice featured