Nakedvice was founded in 2014 by best friends and business partners Sarah Miller and Jessie Gargan.

Inspired to build the ultimate capsule wardrobe, Sarah and Jessie seek to find balance between timelessness and current trends.

Their designs are an ode to the vintage pieces you search for but can't find anywhere.

Ever since the beginning it has been our goal to create pieces that find a balance between timelessness and current trends.


At Nakedvice we redefine accessible luxury, crafting a fashion experience that blends elevated styling, timeless simplicity, functionality and comfort.

We aspire to inspire confidence and joy in every person who wears Nakedvice.


Designed in Melbourne, behind every piece is many months of design and development.

We choose not to mass produce and instead we offer limited drops of classic pieces intended to be worn in many ways across multiple seasons.

Come join us on this journey, we’re so glad you’re here.

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